Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2021 Collector Series

Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions are regularly making automotive history with sales of some of the most special and iconic vehicles to hit roads around the world.

Motoclub’s exclusive partnership with Barrett-Jackson allows us to get unprecedented access to capture those events and commemorate them with our SparkNFTs for you to buy and collect.

We’re now proud to bring you our first SparkNFT series courtesy of the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Collector Series.

The Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Auction featured a stunning selection of some of the world’s finest automotive collectibles.

Highlights of the show were a 2015 McLaren P1, a 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, a 1965 AC Cobra 289 Roadster CSX to name just a few!

More than 700 vehicles were sold, 65 world-record auction sales made, nearly $1 million worth of automobilia sales, $67,000 worth of Motoclub SparkNFTs sold, for a sales total of over $48 million!

The Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Collector Series will launch on September 13, 2021, and will be brought to you in three special tiers:

RARE – Launched September 13th, 2021: WAVE 1 SOLD OUT
EPIC – WAVE 1 Launched October 4, 2021: WAVE 1 SOLD OUT
ELITE – Launches October 26, 2021

Each tier features 5 awesome Barrett-Jackson vehicle sales from Las Vegas 2021.
Each sale is split into 5 unique SparkNFTs for 25 SparkNFTs per tier.
Each SparkNFT will feature its own special serial number.
Each pack will feature 5 RANDOM SparkNFT’s from its tier.

Complete the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Collector Series in your own Motoclub digital garage!

And remember – Once they’re gone – they’re gone! We won’t be minting anymore in this Series!

For more information on pack contents for the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Collector Series click here.


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