Rookie Series Pack Drop


Dropped on Tuesday
7th December, 12pm PST

At Motoclub we appreciate that everybody has to start somewhere, and when it comes to building the perfect digital garage for you, we know you’ll want to choose carefully.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Barrett-Jackson Rookie Series – it’s the perfect way to start building an awesome collection of SparkNFTs, and become a master digital collector!

Each Rookie Series pack contains 3 randomly chosen SparkNFTs out of a set of 15. Buy more packs, or trade with other Motoclub members to complete the Series or just stick to the SparkNFTs you like best!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the keys and take a Rookie Series pack for a test drive now!

Pack Details

All SparkNFTs in every Rookie Series pack are randomly assigned. All SparkNFTs in the Rookie Series are high quality digital images taken from the sales of 5 classic vehicles as they passed over the Barrett-Jackson auction block. The Rookie Series comprises 15 SparkNFTs in total, 3 per car featured. Every pack will contain 3 SparkNFTs for you to enjoy.

Editions of each SparkNFT Minted: 20
Sequencing to begin at: 1
Pricing: $10